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I’ve had my share of Ups & Downs through this journey called life. There are two things that really sting me to my core; the lack of present, productive fathers in our world and the lack of direction that young people are given after High School as it relates to being creative & going after your dreams.

I taught Pre-School for 10 years prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. I can recall countless children that I had a hand in raising (even if only for a year) that did not have a father figure in their lives… and that really hurt me.

In a seperate vein, the lack of support for creative minds in this time in history concerns me. While I certainly don’t think I wasted my degree from North Carolina Central University (EAGLE PRIDE!), I do feel that I could have minored in a creative area that could have jump started my entrepreneural career faster.

However, with a strong support system, I have been able to spend more time with my children and do what I love… strengthen people. I hope that you will walk along this journey with me and let me help you and your team grow. I actually have a little challenge for you…

Are you ready to find your purpose?

Roaming about the earth without ever knowing our purpose can be frustrating. I may not know your purpose but with a little self-determination, I’m sure we can work together to figure it out!

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